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Once upon a time…

Story #1 – All Men Face Approach Anxiety
Three engineers come across the path of an attractive woman in a bar. All of them do nothing. Mr. Shy, Mr. Lazy, & Mr. Too Cool keep thinking about her days afterward and yet will never get the chance to know her because they failed to simply break the ice.

Story #2 – Today’s Men Lacks Masculinity & Charisma
A gentleman and a powerful woman fall in love quickly. She has to wear the pants in the relationship and eventually ends things because he’s too wimpy. Mr. Needy aka Mr. Not-Good-Enough continues to try and win her back over and over again without any success. This haunts him for the rest of his life.

Story #3 – Many Men Lack Acceptance & Emotional Awareness
A confident man ventures out to bars and clubs to meet women due to his busy schedule. He has plenty of fun, yet never gets serious. Mr. Picky aka Mr. Critical believes that nobody is good enough for him. He grows old and ends up settling for someone who is not the best partner for him and he lives in regret.

Story #4 – Men Get Down & Wounded Easily
A generous man meets an ultra attractive lady through friends, but after not making a move soon enough, he settles for friendship. Mr. Wounded aka Mr. Selfless does everything she says like a puppy dog, yet he never gets out of the friend zone to become her lover.

Story #5 – Most Men Lack Emotional Intelligence & Communication Skills
Two successful executives land awesome girlfriends. Despite the women treating them well, the men treat their women poorly. Mr. Arrogant and Mr. Know-it-all fail to give their partners the proper attention they deserve. Both women leave the men or cheat on them without them ever even knowing it.






Did you know…

Over 70% of men struggle to express feelings, thus triggering women to feel unsafe
That men often view sharing emotions as a sign of weakness
That men get close to people through competition and taking action

Why do these things happen to good men?

Men lack emotional intelligence & situational awareness
Men don’t feel safe to express their truth
Men don’t have easily accessible support networks or coaches
Men press the self-sabotage button, without even knowing it




Brain science on relationships
Stories of how men flop with their words & actions
Do’s and don’ts during challenging communications
Some best practices for emotional communication
Simple ways to improve charisma

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