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Once upon a time…

Story #1 – All Men Face Approach Anxiety
Three engineers come across the path of an attractive woman in a bar. All of them do nothing.   Mr. Shy, Mr. Lazy, & Mr. Too Cool keep thinking about her days afterward and yet will never get the chance to know her because they failed to simply break the ice.

Story #2 – Many Men Lack Masculinity & Charisma
A gentleman and a powerful woman fall in love quickly. She has to wear the pants in the relationship and eventually ends things because he’s too wimpy.   Mr. Needy aka Mr. Not-Good-Enough continues to try and win her back over and over again without any success. This haunts him for the rest of his life.

Story #3 – Many Men Lack Acceptance & Emotional Awareness
A confident man ventures out to bars and clubs to meet women due to his busy schedule. He has plenty of fun, yet never gets serious.   Mr. Picky aka Mr. Critical believes that nobody is good enough for him. He grows old and ends up settling for someone who is not the best partner for him and he lives in regret.

Story #4 – Men Get Down & Wounded Easily
A generous man meets an ultra attractive lady through friends, but after not making a move soon enough, he settles for friendship.   Mr. Wounded aka Mr. Selfless does everything she says like a puppy dog, yet he never gets out of the friend zone to become her lover.

Story #5 – Most Men Lack Emotional Intelligence & Communication Skills
Two successful executives land awesome girlfriends. Despite the women treating them well, the men treat their women poorly.   Mr. Arrogant and Mr. Know-It-All fail to give their partners the proper attention they deserve. Both women leave the men or cheat on them without them ever even knowing it.


Did you know…

Over 70% of men struggle to express their feelings thus triggering women to feel unsafe.

Men often view sharing emotions as a sign of weakness.

Men get close through competition and taking action.

Men fail at love because they don’t treat it as a serious responsibility.

Why does this happen to good men?

Men lack emotional intelligence & situational awareness.

Men don’t feel safe to express their truth.

Men rarely reach out to support networks or coaches, instead they rely only on themselves.

Men press the self-sabotage button, without even knowing it.

I was born with a special gift of analyzing patterns and relationships.

I now use this divine gift (along with feedback from hundreds of women) to help others start relationships, safely & strategically! Far too many great men and women enter relationships based on physical connections alone, denying their deepest callings and creations with partners.

I use this gift to evaluate & coach professional men and women carefully on dating best practices and inside our matchmaking service, to enhance their awareness of their power within their conscious mind.

This gift helped me earn a civil & environmental engineering degree from UCLA…….enhance business development efforts for internet startups Betfair, Scour, & DivX Networks………lead a $50M acquisition of TVG as the Director of US Business Development for Betfair Limited Group……finish 2nd place competing against the top horse gamblers in the world the World Series of Horse Betting in 2011…….


This gift helped me analyze the best practices to heal the body using applied kinesiology (aka muscle response testing) as I attained a clinical nutrition credential at the Natural Healing Institute and a Quantum Reflex Analysis credential at Premier Labs.


I use this gift with our team to assess “your best type” and to find you a match based on a personal connection with you! In today’s evolving dating landscape, safety is more important than ever! People who date with us are preselected based on our questionnaires, background checks, and interviews.


Getting more personal if I may, after spending over a decade building and maintaining professional business relationships, I was forced me to re-evaluate at all of my relationships in my life after my father passed from a 6 year battle with cancer.  It hit me that time was short and that I must take every single one of my relationships with family and lovers as if today was my last day with them.  I decided it was time to do something more meaningful with my life other than just earning a cool paycheck.

Initially, I chose to focus my time on mastering quantum nutrition, muscle response testing, and the body’s plasma bio-field to help my friends, family, and others avoid diseases.  What began as a journey to study the body’s relationship to health ended in the discovery that it’s the relationships in our lives that are far more toxicthan the acidic foods which we consume!  Many don’t even realize the impact of what they are missing out on in mindful loving and connecting.  Some people, consciously or unconsciously, choose to reside in destructive partnerships because they chose not to work on themselves or access a fresh set of eyes to guide them into new awareness or growth

As a result of my life experiences and this epiphany, I shifted my mission to research, develop, & share many best practices in the art & science of dating.  The unique nature & inherent complexity of choosing new partners inspired me to begin modeling out fun “algorithms for sustainable love” utilizing my UCLA engineering mindset as well as my own personal research from various relationships, woundings, coaching, workshops, and life experiences.  The fact that the difference between my parents was 17 years and yet they stay married for 30+ years blew my mind for years, especially considering their unique way of showing limited affection.  But it all made sense once I understood their wounding and their forgiveness patterns.

As a result of this new found passion for helping others connect, I invented a proprietary scientific dating technology to help men & women start relationships safely & strategically.  It’s based on time intervals, quantum energetics, behavioral analysis, tantra, self awareness, charisma practices, and much more.  Best described as some type of”alternative love mindfulness”,  the application does not come in the form of electronics, or a pill- rather its methodology is based on identifying & maximizing the “sweet spots” or “equilibrium connection points” using timing & environmental factors that occur between people in various social contexts, predominantly in the first 10 minutes- hence the name!  If you can use the first 10 minutes wisely, you won’t miss out on an awesome lover because you exercise your truth.

My intention behind founding is to give evolving individuals the necessary tools to start and sustain, ultra safe, loving, uber empowering relationships, as well as to improve the art (& science) of matchmaking. Our clients include business executives, engineers, medical professionals, teachers, professors, artists, celebrities, politicians, and anyone who is ready to step into their best self.

I hope you take a first step with us, like many who already have, and get your love life off auto-pilot & into your control.

In deepest gratitude,
Christian Hellmers & team


Testimonials from Attraction Mastery Socials

“This workshop brought me into a closer connection with what I’m looking for and how to relate to my friends.”

“I really liked the juiciness of the workshop. There were all these gorgeous women here.”

“I was able to calm my mind down by just thinking that Christian and Eve were setting up this workshop so all of us could become more connected to ourselves and to our partner, whether it was someone we were meeting someone for the first time, or just partners in the moment, or whether it was a lifelong partner. “

“I felt supported by the women and encouraged by the men.  The different aspects of the day were amazing…”

~ John

“I was open minded but I didn’t know what to expect! I’ve been to a lot of different leadership conferences and conferences about increasing your awareness and goal oriented workshops.  This was more geared towards learning about who you are as a person and how you connect with others and partners.  I’ve found it was very helpful in terms of getting to know what i’m looking for in a partner as well as what I have within myself to give.”

“Especially having it more interactive, it definitely helped me to understand the differences between the masculine and the feminine and how they always interact.”

“It was definitely eye opening.  Being open minded coming into this is definitely a plus- but it even opened my mind even more in terms of how we can cognizantly help each other evolve….and I know there are so many more things to learn about the different genders but I definitely loved the fact that we could interact.  I got a lot more out of this than sitting in a seminar or sitting in a leadership conference.  This is more interactive.”

“This is definitely something I would recommend and I appreciate everything I learned today!”

~ Andrea

“Both Eve and Christian are amazing.  I really liked the fact that they really asked you to think about what you’re looking for in a relationship.  I came to the workshop out of interest in connecting with people in general, not just romantically for friendships or even just people you meet on a daily basis…”

“The whole workshop was really great for people not just looking for romantic connections but in general….asking you to pay attention how you relate with people a lot of the more subtle forms of communication like body language and eye contact. I would definitely would recommend it, whether you are looking for romantic connections or not.”

~ Larissa
Massage Therapist

“I learned a lot about the way I think and the way women think and how to really express yourself in a way that communicates the things that are true about yourself….”

“It was definitely time well spent!”

~ Paul
PHD in Computer Science

What if there was a way to learn a step-by-step proven process to connect with radiant women…..

in the comfort of your own home and in person?

Would that increase your probability of taking new action to becoming your “Best Evolved Self”?

And let me be clear- I’m not talking about ordinary women who are down on their luck on auto-pilot. I’m speaking about feminine beings who exude class, style, and intelligence, in addition to their attractive looks. The kind of women you could spend years with, and possibly even marry.

At the conclusion of Attraction Mastery coaching programs, you will…

Invite an abundance of radiant women into your life

Get laser focused on your mission & gifts in life

Build confidence and charisma to approach your type

Become masterful with emotional communication

Earn deeper trust from partners

Transform jealousy

Get your ex back or get over her

Turn friendship into more

Get set up on dates with our matchmakers (SD, LA, & SF)

Our team of coaches respect women to the highest degree (many are indeed female)

Our intention is to do live interaction, not pre-recorded, coaching calls & presentations

Our program shows you how to analyze the source of your struggles

Our proprietary scientific dating technology improves date conversions by at least 15%

Our material is based on science, personal research, interviews, feedback, Deida, & tantra

Our online coaching programs are offered 2 days a week (Sunday & Monday evenings)

Our in person coaching programs are offered once or twice a month depending on class sizes

Our emphasis is on improving your attraction skills based on your criteria & needs

Our team can set you up on real dates, if we have a match for you & if you pass the coaching course


Attraction Mastery Levels

The longer you wait to address your emotional skills, the more stress & body pain.

Women like men who are certain of who they are & can handle their chaos.

Great men (leaders, athletes, execs) have mentors & coaches because they need accountability.

The longer you wait, the more amazing women will pass you by…

This material combines brain science, attraction tactics, healing arts, social awareness, and expert opinions/analysis for a holistic approach.

We keep our coaching free of sarcasm and focused on safety, growth, & results.

The forum is highly interactive based on your direct feedback.

You can apply these principles to business & family relationships!

You will finally start taking action after you learn this insightful material!

You will get your money back if you aren’t satisfied!

We have discounted the program by 20% through May 15th as a spring special!

Invest in yourself. It’s about time.