Challenge yourself to become more evolved…or don’t…

Once upon a time… a foxy girl meets a solid guy.  The man impresses the girl at first, but the “almost” relationship flops because he believes he lacks charisma and the necessary emotional communication skills.  Sound familiar?

  • Did you know that over 70% of men struggle with expressing their feelings during good times or bad times?  This triggers women to not trust their partner and to feel unsafe to express her own feelings.
  • Men often view sharing emotions as a sign of weakness
  • Men feel close through action and competition

Here’s what I put into this free 10 minute video…

  • Stories of how men slip up & flop
  • Best practices for emotional re-polarization
  • Best practices for “charismatic risk”
  • Ways to integrate these practices
  • Steps to becoming an evolved man

If I execute my mission properly in this video, you will become more aware of how easy and vital it is to understand the basics of building an emotional communication toolkit and inventing your charismatic risk.  Both are intimately linked.

So what are you going to do?  You have 3 choices…

1) Do nothing and surf to another page….living in your everyday unconscious patterns

2) Take a small step and listen to what I have to say

3) Start researching on your own & with friends on ways to open up the emotional stuff that’s running your life without you even knowing it 😉